State-By-State Guide To Window Tint

Window tint can add aesthetic value and help protect your car’s interior from damaging UV rays. It can also get you in trouble if you don't follow local state guidelines.

Every state prohibits a vehicle from having tint they consider too dark. They may also limit the reflectivity and color of the tint allowed. Dark tint can limit visibility and is considered a safety hazard, especially on the front windshield and front driver and passenger sides are considered especially dangerous.

If you live in the Kansas City Metro you need to understand both Kansas and Missouri window tint laws. Especially if you buy a used car in Missouri and live in Kansas, which has stricter laws.

Window tint can fade, crack and peal. If you purchased a car with old tint and would like it removed, call Pit Stop Auto Detailing. We'd love to help restore your vehicles glass to the OEM look.

If your curious about the local laws, use this state-by-state guide:

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