Paint Correction

What is a paint correction?

You may have heard the term before and not entirely understood what it meant. That’s ok. Too often a business gets caught up using buzzwords and industry speak. I actually like the word “refurbishing” better than correcting, but we’ll leave that alone for the time being!

So let's get to it. Simply put, a paint correction is the process of reducing and removing imperfections in the top layer of paint on your car. This can be done with different techniques but almost always involves the use of a rotary polisher, or D/A (dual action!) orbitor. These tools require a high level of skill and when used improperly can damage your paint. A good paint correction should remove swirls, scratches, hazing, fading and other blemishes in the paint.

A Paint correction also requires multiple chemicals. At Pit Stop Auto Detailing we use a three step process: A compound to clean and level the paint, a wax to polish, and a top layer of glaze to finish.

In the end, the cars surface should feel smooth and have a deep reflective shine.

Paint correction is suited for anyone looking to protect their car for the long haul. Although a car will need continual maintenance, .i.e. wax, the results of a good paint correction can last many years. Paint correction services are also ideal for removing water spots, removing road tar and dirt, and bringing back the shine to an older car.

Pit Stop Auto Detailing offers al la carte and full service paint correction services. We typically like to see a car before quoting but please don’t hesitate to call us with questions!

Justin Golden, Owner

Pit Stop Auto Detailing

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