What Kind of Wax Do You Use?

What kind of wax do you use?

This is probably the number one question I get asked every day, and the hardest to answer. Instead of responding with a particular brand, as expected, I try to educate the customer on just what types of wax we use at Pit Stop Auto Detailing. There are cleaner waxes, finishing waxes, glazes, sealants, and more. To determine what we’ll use on your car, we must know the following:

  • Domestic or foreign (different types of clear coat)

  • age of the car

  • color of the car

  • condition of the paint/clear coat

Once we’ve answered those questions we can decide what type(s) of wax to best protect your car. The most common wax we use is a cleaner wax. You may have seen these advertised and not known what they are. A cleaner wax has solvents or an abrasive texture which help clean the surface. The cleaning properties of the wax help minimize surface scratches and paint imperfections making this type of wax well suited for almost any car. For more serious swirl marks and fine scratches an abrasive compound should be used before applying any wax. At Pit Stop Auto Detailing we have 3 cleaner waxes with different levels of “cut”, from light to medium to heavy.

We also have a finishing wax for adding depth and color, a wax exclusively for black cars, and pure carnauba wax for new cars and cars that have been clay barred.

To determine what wax is best for your car, you should concentrate on what type, not what brand. At Pit Stop Auto Detailing we evaluate all the factors that influence the choice of wax to be used on your car. We want your car to be protected, and look its best.

- Justin Golden

Owner, Pit Stop Auto Detailing


DIY detail tip: Put your hand in a sandwhich bag and glide over a clean surface, like the hood. What do you feel? If the surface doesn't feel slippery, or smooth, you need to clean your paint using a clay bar, compound, or cleaner wax!

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